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Senior Battery Process Engineer – Slurry Mixing and Coating

Rochester, New York
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Reporting to the VP of Manufacturing, Sionic Energy is seeking a Senior Battery Process Engineer to assist our Product Development group in the development of electrodes for advanced lithium-ion batteries. This position involves designing innovative slurry and coating strategies using a breadth of scientific knowledge and coating techniques. A qualified candidate needs to demonstrate comprehensive understanding of slurry formulation, mixing protocol, and coating processes, coupled with strong collaborative problem-solving and communication skills. The position requires working in a cross-functional team environment to ensure the successful integration of the company’s unique materials into lithium-ion-battery systems.

Responsibilities and Duties

• Design innovative slurries with various active materials, additives, and binders for battery electrodes and other coatings
• Systematically improve upon existing formulations through thoughtful experimentation to generate knowledge about and optimize the performance of slurries and coatings
• Understand and document lab-scale processing and work with the team to characterize materials and evaluate failure mechanisms; document the findings in reports
• Effectively communicate ideas and results internally across multiple teams
• Develop or improve slurry and coating characterization techniques to determine formulation-performance relationships and offer chemical and cell level corrective strategies.
• Engage and collaborate with cross-functional teams, including materials science, mechanical engineering, and system engineering.
• Manage the development and production roadmaps for the mixing and coating development cycle
• Collaborate with R&D team to develop and implement a predictive method for understanding material processing vs cell performance relationships.
• Adapt Lean Six Sigma, SPC and other methods to fit process need driving stability and overall systematic process improvements
• Understand the practical use of statistical tools and data analysis/reporting software
• Assess safety and environmental impact of equipment and processes
• Ensure all aspects of an operation or process meet specified regulations
• Develop or optimize processes in order to meet product specifications
• Prepare and maintain documentation, such as process flow diagram, work instructions, SOPs, etc.
• Be able to operate, clean, and maintain all work-related process equipment and instrumentation



• Bachelor’s degree in engineering or physical sciences is required (chemistry, chemical engineering, materials sciences, or physics preferred).
• 5+ years of industry experience with lithium-ion batteries
• Highly experienced in common electrode coating techniques including slot-die, and Comma-blade roll-to-roll coating.
• Understanding of electrochemical processes in Lithium-ion batteries and familiarity with existing battery design and manufacturing processes.
• Experience and success in product development from concept, design, prototype to production are required.
• Hands-on experience with instrument maintenance and troubleshooting. Demonstrated ability to work effectively on teams
• in-depth knowledge of various battery chemistries (e.g. traditional Lithium-ion, Silicon anode) is a great plus.



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