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General Advice and Pointers

In this session, we’ll review the themes of the prior seminars and how to prepare and protect your business for working in the cyber threat environment that is a reality today.  What are the key things you should have in place to inform and guide your organization and what practices should you employ to effectively defend your company?  

What you will learn:

  • Internal training
  • Employee handbooks
  • Effective access control
  • Periodic review of your practices (audits)

We’ll talk about those and additional resources available to help you get there including the New York State Cybersecurity Assistance Grant and Self Assessment Training Cohort.


Paul LaPorte - Cybersecurity Coordinator, Advanced Institute for Manufacturing (AIM)

Paul LaPorte

Cybersecurity Coordinator
Mohawk Valley Community College Advanced Institute for Manufacturing

Cory Albrecht

Mohawk Valley Community College Advanced Institute for Manufacturing

Everton H. Henriques

NY MEP Solutions Director
Terry Rivenburg - President of Midnight Magix

Terry Rivenburg

Midnight Magix

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