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The Threat At Home

A great deal of effort can go into defending yourself from opposing governments, competition, and external hackers – but a complete cybersecurity defense must include protecting yourself from both malicious and accidental internal threats.
  • Lost iPhones, Tablets, Laptops, and USB Thumb Drives are all examples of items that are vectors for data breaches.  How do you protect the organization from well-meaning employees?
  • Companies may be infiltrated by competitors seeking access to corporate trade secrets.  How do you minimize the intentional damage possible from malicious employees?
Leveraging effective physical and virtual access control and training programs can go a long way to preparing you and your employees for working in a world of cyber threats.


Paul LaPorte - Cybersecurity Coordinator, Advanced Institute for Manufacturing (AIM)

Paul LaPorte

Cybersecurity Coordinator
Mohawk Valley Community College Advanced Institute for Manufacturing

Cory Albrecht

Mohawk Valley Community College Advanced Institute for Manufacturing

Everton H. Henriques

NY MEP Solutions Director

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