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Personal Protection Equipment Assistance This program aims to assist small and medium manufacturers (SMMs) in forecasting their demand for PPE, maximizing PPE use, identifying and qualifying PPE suppliers, selecting an appropriate online supplier directory to direct them to, and communicating the optimal buying channels for them. As part of the PPE maximization effort, we will also provide project subsidies to ten NYS manufacturers and high-technologies companies that are focused on technologies and processes around PPE maximization (cleaning and sanitizing technologies) to assist them with scaling their businesses.

Non-Medical Personal Protective Equipment* (PPE) Survey

The New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NYMEP) is helping manufacturers state-wide to access supplies of PPE in response to COVID-19. New York State understands that PPE supply is constrained or in-accessible. This survey collects insights from businesses in order to design and implement programs to optimize marketplaces, suppliers, and purchasing of PPE.

 With a 30+ year record of helping companies succeed, our team also has a deep understanding of opportunities and challenges that are unique to New York City. Our services are affordable as we receive support from the Empire State Development, the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation, the National Institute of Standards and Technology as well as New York City Economic Development Corporation.

Program Features

Self-Assessment & Demand Forecasting Tool

A PPE catalog and simple downloadable forecasting model which allow manufacturers to enter basic inputs based on the “new/post-pandemic” operating environment to “right-spec” and forecast PPE needs. The tool will be a database model consisting of a PPE product catalog and quantity generator. The catalog will be an overview of the categories of PPE (e.g. gloves, gowns, masks, face shields, goggles), materials, and the use case for each type of material.

Personal Protective Equipment Fund

A total of $100,000 is set aside to assist 10 manufacturers or high-technology companies across NYS that are focused on maximizing PPE through cleaning and sanitizing methods, in order to help scale and develop a permanent product offering This project will identify and validate PPE suppliers across NYS, providing an channel to promote their products while helping PPE buyers quickly find supply sources.

Demand Optimization & Supplier Identification

Rochester Institute of Technology’s Golisano Institute for Sustainability (NYS P2I) will review the most promising PPE cleaning practices, sanitization technologies, sustainable PPE designs, and ideas targeting re-use and companies that can supply PPE (including those that have pivoted to meet the current demand) and provide recommendations as to which ones are most promising. The NYS P2I will also evaluate and recommend sustainable PPE.

Procurement Models & Logistics

Finally, this program will collect insights as to how and where SMMs are currently purchasing Personal Protective Equipment and Supplies, and the volume of PPE that is expected to be purchased. The goal is to coordinate better logistics and pricing with frequently used suppliers and estimate the demand which might be aggregated for group purchasing to save companies valuable money and time.

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