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New York State Manufacturing Reshoring & Supply Chain Workshop

As part of NY Manufacturing Reimagined, CEG, TDO, and MTRC are hosting a webinar series specifically for our state MEP’s and NYSTAR Assets to gain further exposure of available Reshoring and Supply Chain tools that our state partners can use to help our manufacturers assess their supply chains and capturing potential opportunities in reshoring.

About the Reshoring and Supply Chain Program

Presentation by Michael Lobsinger, Senior VP of Center for Economic Growth

The Reshoring Initiative

Presentation by Harry Moser, Founder and President of the Reshoring Initiative. Slide file summarizing the trend in reshoring and the tools provide by the Initiative.  The next several links support this presentation.

Reshoring Initiative Resources And Tools List

Harry Moser. Links to resources and tools.


Harry Moser. Standard ISP and SCG procedure for the full process from finding client companies to the companies seeking new business from the importers. Very detailed.

Suggested Criteria for ISP & SCP Suppliers

Harry Moser. Suggestions for identifying the companies most likely to succeed with ISP and SCG based on company and product characteristics.

Suggestions for filling out input forms

Harry Moser. Detailed description of how to complete the forms. Accuracy is important.

Typical Excel Report Fork Lift Rails

Harry Moser. A typical deliverable, showing the importers, addresses, product imported, tonnage and foreign suppliers.

Impact of Using TCO Instead of Price Blog

Harry Moser. Demonstrates that when companies use TCO instead of price for sourcing decisions, it becomes clear that about 20 to 30% of what is now imported can be profitably reshored.


Harry Moser. Standard SBS procedure.

Suggested Criteria for SBS OEMs

Harry Moser. Suggestions for identifying the companies most likely to succeed with SBS  based on company and product characteristics.

Supply Chain Worksheets Training

Presented by Eric Fasser.  Start by watching this presentation to understand how to use the Supplier Audit worksheet and the supply chain risk assessment worksheet.

Supplier Audit Worksheet

Presentation by Eric Fasser

Supply Chain Risk Assessment Worksheet

Presentation by Eric Fasser