NY Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Reshoring & Rebuilding
COVID Recovery Initiative

Re-shoring & Rebuilding Supply Chains This Initiative will be focused on the skills gaps, cutting production costs, and addressing other barriers to moving production from other countries onshore to New York State suppliers. NY MEP will be offering a series of assessments and project resources to help small and medium sized manufacturers address impacts to their supply chain they may have experienced during the COVID19 pandemic or explore opportunities for reshoring. Additionally, this initiative will work to strengthen or rebuild local supply chains. The lead NY MEP Center is the Center for Economic Growth. (CEG).

CEG services small to medium sized companies (SMEs) across several industries. CEG serves as a Technology Development Center and is the Regional Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center, part of the New York State MEP, a program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). MEP is a public-private partnership with Centers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico dedicated to serving small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Resources and Events

New York State Manufacturing Reshoring & Supply Chain

The New York State Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) is engaging in a program to help assess impacts to supply chain for our manufacturing companies as well as assist in helping identify Supply Chain Gaps AND opportunities for Reshoring of materials and finished goods.

Train the Trainer Workshop

As part of NY Manufacturing Reimagined, CEG, TDO, and MTRC are hosting a webinar series specifically for our state MEP’s and NYSTAR Assets to gain further exposure of available Reshoring and Supply Chain tools that our state partners can use to help our manufacturers assess their supply chains and capturing potential opportunities in reshoring.

Program Features

Supply Chain Assessments

Assess the current state of your supply chain to understand vulnerabilities and gaps that expose your supply chain to risks under the strain of a global pandemic such as COVID-19. We will work with you to make expert recommendations to make your supply chain more resilient.

Identify Reshoring Opportunities

NY MEP has access to a vast network of contract manufacturers and suppliers equipped to handle a variety of material, equipment, assembly, and other manufacturing needs. We will work with you to identify potential local suppliers to reduce both cost and risk.

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