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Maintaining Quality During COVID-19 Webinar Recording

In recent months, manufacturers have faced disruptions in operations, workforce, supply chain, and even in what products they are making. Given all of these challenges, a company’s ability to focus on quality may be more important than ever. In this webinar, experts will share their knowledge about a range of quality-related considerations that manufacturing companies should be aware of during a pandemic or other emergency.

What you will learn about

  • Maintaining quality of incoming components when switching suppliers
  • Ensuring your product quality is consistent when changing production lines (to PPE, for example)
  • Best practices from a company manufacturing essential medical equipment
  • Preserving your company’s quality system during a crisis


  • Quality Systems: Have you wondered if the implementation of a quality system, like ISO, could be the key to expanding into new markets that are currently unavailable to you? We will address this, along with quality improvement projects that can help reduce the cost of doing business amidst a COVID world with higher operating expenses.
  • Quality-related considerations for manufacturers: We will discuss a range of topics that manufacturing companies should be aware of during a pandemic (or other emergency). These include disruptions to workforce, supply chains, and product lines, as well as their impact on product quality and productivity.
  • Case Study: We will hear from a company that fast-tracked the design and production of emergency ventilators, and learn how they balanced speed to market with the strict quality requirements of the FDA. Find out what challenges they faced, and how they overcame these obstacles to provide this life-saving equipment when it was needed most.


James D'Agostino



John Flynn

Quality Assurance Manager

MTI Instruments

Owen Trueblood

Creative Technologist