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Manufacturing Reimagined is a series of webinars and workshops to help manufacturers manage the challenges created by COVID-19, emerge from the crisis more resilient and adaptable, and prepare for future emergencies.

These virtual training and educational opportunities include topics such as emergency preparedness, supply chain utilization during crisis, cybersecurity and digitization, equipment strategies for manufacturing resiliency, and disaster recovery.

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MTEC brings a network of experienced engineers, scientists, programmers, and business and manufacturing professionals to your team, helping you develop your product or application strategy and concepts, design product prototypes, and facilitate and optimize your manufacturing value chain. We provide mid-sized manufacturers and early stage technology companies with cost effective, high quality technical and management services


October 6

Supply Chain Part I: New Supplier Validation & Best Practices


Supply Chain Part II: Reshoring- Using Total Cost to Buy and Sell Smarter

November 12

COVID Impacts on NY Manufacturers: Industry Spotlight – Food & Beverage


Crisis Workarounds: Alternate Materials, Product Redesign, & Remanufacturing

January 4

Business Recovery Workshop: Market & Distribution Changes, Efficient Scale-up, Re-Hiring

February 11

The Path Forward: A Proactive Approach to Business Continuity Planning

March 11

10 Things Every NY Manufacturer Should Be Doing Post-COVID


Manufacturing Reimagined: Tips to Implement Safety Measures Without Sacrificing Productivity

Experts in process manufacturing discuss how small and medium sized manufacturers can affordably make their workplaces safer, with minimal impact to employee morale, productivity, and profitability. Learn about the science behind the methods, so you can make the best decisions for your company.

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Manufacturing Reimagined: Funding Track

Learn about the unique funding opportunities and assistance FuzeHub can provide to help manufacturers and other organizations deal with various Covid-related issues, emerge from the crisis more resilient, and be better prepared for future emergencies.

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Industry 4.0, IoT, & The Post Covid-19 Manufacturing Landscape

Virtually test a safe (and efficient) factory layout before moving equipment, improve product quality with advanced analytics, and learn about cutting edge research from universities in New York. The fourth industrial revolution is happening, and manufacturers need to stay abreast of current and future technologies.

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Maintaining Quality Amidst COVID-Related Disruptions

In recent months, manufacturers have faced disruptions in operations, workforce, supply chain, and even in what products they are making. Given all of these challenges, a company’s ability to focus on quality may be more important than ever. In this webinar, experts will share their knowledge about a range of quality-related considerations that manufacturing companies should be aware of during a pandemic or other emergency.

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