NY Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Dunn Paper

Dunn Paper needed a water filtration and treatment system to remove dirt and tannins from the Oswegatchie River. The company struggled with water quality while making paper and used bleach to whiten the paper. Bleach is an expensive and corrosive chemical, which needed neutralizing before entering the process.

CITEC Business Solutions worked with the local IDA to help source three new pieces of equipment for Dunn. When the improved efficiencies started to add up, they realized it was time to call NYSERDA, a NY State clean energy authority that promotes efficiency and renewable energy sources, to see if the upgrades met standards for capital reimbursements. The estimates were that the annual energy, water and consumable savings would total more than a half million dollars per year, which would make Dunn eligible for a NYSERDA rebate totaling half of their capital expenditure.

Results Include:

  • $500,000 in cost savings annually
  • $200,000 in improved productivity annually
  • Spring andd fall run-off conditions in the river were eliminated

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