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Syracuse Manufacturer Expands Market Potential with ISO 9001 Certification

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Success Story Powered by New York MEP Regional Center TDO (Train Develop Optimize)

Syracuse, New York-based Rapid Cure Technologies is a manufacturer of high performance paints, coatings, resins, adhesives, and sealants.  Their competitive value over typical providers of these products lies in the rapid cure chemistry and processes that allow the products to dry or cure more rapidly than their competition.  The products are also more environmentally friendly while being easier to use as well.

As the company has grown and now targets larger global accounts, they have discovered that ISO accreditation is highly favored, if not a pre-requisite to doing business.  As a result of this need, Rapid Cure Technologies sought assistance from their regional New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership center – TDO, part of the MEP National Network.

TDO worked with Rapid Cure Technologies to establish the documentation of policies, procedures, and guidelines in addition to a Quality Manual towards achieving the ISO 9001 certification.  TDO trained members of the Rapid Cure Technologies organization to form a team of internal auditors and conducted an internal audit in preparation for the ISO 9001 Certification Audit done by a local registrar.  Additionally, TDO obtained a grant through National Grid for Rapid Cure Technologies to offset some of the costs of the project.

Rapid Cure Technologies successfully achieved ISO 9001 Certification and as a result is now able to serve a broader customer market. Achieving ISO certification has also led to an improved internal Quality Management System with stronger communication and tighter controls of raw materials, finished products and corresponding documentation.

We are very appreciative of TDO’s assistance and National Grid’s funding for this critical project. Thank you again for your support.

— Tim Shaughnessy, President / CEO

Results of the engagement included:

  • 2 new/retained positions
  • $210,000 in new investment
  • $80,000 in new/retained sales

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