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CEG SolarGEN Provides SKS Bottle & Packaging Solar Energy Guidance

SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc. is a 31-year-old supplier of containers and caps to small and large businesses. The company’s innovative “kit” packs for sale in the beverage, medicinal, personal care, cosmetic and other industries and have fueled robust growth. That recently prompted SKS to build a new, larger facility for its expanding business in Saratoga Springs, NY.

SKS had been slowly moving forward with their solar project, but when its president, Ken Horan, learned about CEG SolarGEN he quickly saw the benefit of the program. He recognized the program made sense; it offered a trusted, knowledgeable, and developer-agnostic guide that established a definitive process with defined criteria.

CEG SolarGEN provided the path of least resistance to procure three comparable solar proposals. I felt confident moving forward with solar as a long-term investment that would hedge my business against future energy cost increases,” said Horan.

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