NY Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Virtual Assessments
Emergency Assistance Program

VIRTUAL ASSESSMENTS are conducted to determine what assistance is needed by companies to ensure they are operating safely, effectively and efficiently. The Manufacturing & Technology Enterprise Center (MTEC) as the lead NY MEP Center, will work with your company to identify ways to help improve safety, efficiency, opportunities to introduce new technologies and/or processes.

MTEC brings a network of experienced engineers, scientists, programmers, and business and manufacturing professionals to your team, helping you develop your product or application strategy and concepts, design product prototypes, and facilitate and optimize your manufacturing value chain. We provide mid-sized manufacturers and early stage technology companies with cost effective, high quality technical and management services

Program Features

Wide Variety of Services

The pilot program is focused on four core service categories of Lean Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, Quality, and Engineering — however, our fundamental purpose remains to connect local manufacturers with the services they need. Due to the benefits of virtual services, we are excited to introduce new providers boasting services to help participants kickstart their business on the road to recovering from the hardships the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the manufacturing industry.

Project Funding

In order to develop a program that truly works, we are offering virtual services free to the client up to $10,000 in value. The grant will cover services through MTEC, as well as our trusted third-party service providers and the purchase of any equipment MTEC deems necessary to aid in the most effective delivery of the project. To apply, you need to contact one of our consultants who will guide you through the short application process. To qualify, the company must be able to obtain a manufacturing NAICS code and preference will be given to new clients to the MEP Network.


Through contact-free teleconsulting, our experts can do everything they could in-person without conflicting with social distancing guidelines. In addition, reduced commuting time means more hours to be dedicated to delivering quality services. Teleconsulting is being used across many other industries and now is being harnessed to deliver services under our core competencies. Cameras and smartphones will replace the eyes of the experts and video conferencing will replace face-to-face meetings.

Shaping the Future Service Delivery

Due to the effects of COVID-19, the service industry will be altered for the foreseeable future. The ultimate goal of this program is to develop a method of delivering services without sacrificing quality and effectiveness. There are many exciting new technologies and effective methods on the horizon. Participating in the shaping the future program allows a company the opportunity to directly share their voice on how services can continue to satisfy their needs no matter what unforeseen challenges we might be faced with in the future.

Get Started

Contact us at (845) 391-8214 ext 3002 or send us an email below, and we'll connect you to the right resources to assist you.