NY Manufacturing Extension Partnership

New York MEP Program’s Economic Impacts Boost Business and Jobs

New York MEP Economic Impacts

The New York State Manufacturing Extension Partnership plays a vital role in the state helping fuel growth for both established companies and startups.  The ten regional MEP Centers and the statewide MEP Center provide services including training on manufacturing priciples, aiding in cybersecurity certification, obtaining funds/grants for business investment, helping connect manufacturers to suppliers and customers, and much more all to help drive success for New York’s manufacturers and technology companies.

Since its inception, the programs across New York State have achieved nearly a billion dollars in cost savings, increased or retained sales, capital expenditures and funds acquired to fuel business growth.  They’ve also helped create or retain over 6,600 jobs within New York state.  Learn more about how NY MEP program’s economic impacts boost business and jobs with specific examples of services provided to companies within New York and more metrics with this infographic summarizing the annual report on the topic.

2021 NY MEP Annual Report Infographic


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