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Pladis Global Increases Productivity With Help of AMT

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Success Story Powered by New York MEP Regional Center AMT

Pladis Global is a worldwide manufacturer that produces some of the world’s finest chocolate and snack brands, including such brands as Godiva, Carr’s, and Jacob’s. Pladis approached AMT requesting assistance in improving the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) on one of its packaging lines. Before the project began, the OEE was 20-30% and the company hoped to increase this to 60% or greater. AMT utilized lean production principles to help Pladis increase OEE and overall run time.

AMT was very successful in kicking off a continuous improvement mindset which engaged our production team and delivered fantastic results.  Our business has been on a growth path for some time and the lack of performance has been an obstacle that AMT was able to remove.

— Mitchell Kahn, Regional Supply Chain Lead, North America
Results of the engagement included:
  • Drove the OEE on the S/N packaging line above 50%
  • $400,000 in cost savings per year


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