NY Manufacturing Extension Partnership

TDO Helps Oneida Air Systems Grow using Toyota Kata and Lean Manufacturing

Oneida Air Systems (OAS) is a world-renowned industry leader in workshop hygiene and dust collection, and the company strives to provide quality US jobs with excellent working conditions and benefits for employees.

OAS’ research and development team creates the most innovative solutions in the world, but their products were being copied by the competition. They needed to establish operational excellence and rapid fulfillment as a competitive advantage.

NY MEP Center, TDO, leveraged Toyota Kata to develop sustaining daily continuous improvement efforts, and introduce different skills and lean manufacturing tools only as they are needed.


  • $75,000 in cost savings annually from hidden factory transactions and transportation.
  • 70-85% reduction in lead-time to deliver the focus product.
  • 50% growth year over year.
  • 50% labor content reduction from new products. Increased flexibility and scientific thinking among workforce

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