NY Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Vara Corporation

Success Story powered by NY MEP Center(s): CEG and FuzeHub

Vara Safety is the Latham, New York-based manufacturer of a biometric-controlled gun holster called Reach. Reach uses strategically placed biometrics to properly secure the handgun, and still allow immediate release. Reach units are designed to be mounted in your home, office or vehicle and are made of high-strength metal alloy.

CEG and VARA were awarded a $50,000 FuzeHub manufacturing grant from the Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund, which was awarded to the Vara. The startup used that funding to quickly iterate to their MVP, employ design for manufacturing and assembly techniques, and workout critical manufacturing processes. On Aug. 31, 2019, Vara Safety began shipping the Reach units to more than 400 pre-order customers. The units are being sold directly via Vara Safety’s website and on Optics

Results Include:

  • $170,000 in cost savings (includes $50,000 Fuzehub grant)
  • $65,000 in increased or retained sales
  • $750,000 in new private equity investment
  • 4 created or retained jobs

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