NY Manufacturing Extension Partnership

MTEC Assists GTI with Expansion into International Markets

Success Story Powered by New York MEP Regional Center MTEC (Manufacturing & Technology Enterprise Center)

Located in the town of Newburgh, New York, Graphic Technology, Inc., (GTI) is a leading designer and manufacturer of color viewing and lighting products for the graphic arts and photography industries. Satisfying worldwide markets, the system is used to mimic the lighting in retail environments to allow designers to select the perfect shade or hue for advertisements in that store. In addition, GTI manufactures color matching booths for the ink, plastic, paint, textile, and colorant industries.

We are very fortunate to have the resources provided by MTEC available to us. The design capabilities and support that we receive has enabled us to remain competitive in the global markets we serve.
— Louis Chappo, Executive Vice President

Results of the engagement included:
  • $350,000 in new or retained sales
  • $30,000 in cost savings

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