NY Manufacturing Extension Partnership

COVID Recovery Initiative

Program Pillars

This initiative will support manufacturers in recovering from pandemics and positioning themselves for future competitiveness and resilience. NY MEP, with support from Empire State Development, launched this initiative to assist companies in reshoring and rebuilding supply chains, securing personal protective equipment, improving safety and efficiency, adopting new technologies, and enhancing resilience for future disruptions.


Re-shoring & Rebuilding Supply Chains

This Initiative will be focused on the skills gaps, cutting production costs, and addressing other barriers to moving production from other countries onshore to New York State suppliers. Additionally, this initiative will work to strengthen or rebuild local supply chains.


Personal Protection Equipment Assistance

Assists manufacturers in securing PPE to ensure they can operate safely during a pandemic. The goal is to ensure companies have access to the equipment needed without competing with hospitals, health care workers or first responders who are also seeking supplies.

Virtual Assessments

Virtual Assessment & Assistance

Assessments are conducted to determine what assistance is needed by companies to ensure they are optimizing operations. The “Next Generation” Grant Program will facilitate virtual methods to assist companies to improve safety, efficiency, and introduce new technologies and processes in this new era of doing business.

Webinars and Workshops

Webinars & Online Workshops

Manufacturing Reimagined is a new series of webinars and workshops over the upcoming year to help manufacturers manage the challenges created by COVID-19 and its aftermath, emerging from the crisis more resilient and adaptable, and preparing for future emergencies.


$ 0 K
Project Fund

The COVID-19 Recovery Initiative will be offering grants to support project with New York State manufacturers to manage challenges created by COVID-19, emerge from the crisis more resilient and adaptable, and prepare for future emergencies. Areas of project funding include:

  • Supply Chain and Reshoring
  • PPE Production
  • Virtual Training and Assistance
  • Other COVID Recovery Projects
Refer to each program pillar above to learn about specific requirements for each portion of the overall fund.


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