NY Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Success Story

GTI Fabrication

GTI Fabrication Gets Lean to Grow Smartly

Results include:
Reduction in required storage providing 15% more productive floor space
10% labor hour reduction due to a need for less reworking

“Working with Insyte has been an incredible experience that had an immense impact on the operations of our company. The experience and knowledge of the consultant was a huge factor for the success of our project. We plan to continue to work with Insyte on various projects to take our company to the next level. ”
— Rich Stapleton, Owner

Crowley Fabricating & Machining Co.

Manufacturer Keeps Ahead with Cybersecurity Compliance

Results included:
$1-2 million in increased or retained sales
5 jobs created and 35 retained
$75,000 in new investment

“The grant that AM&T initiated with AIM has made it possible to achieve our customers’ requirements as a supplier and continue to do business with them. This service is very important in helping small companies stay competitive and to grow. Our competitors are going after the small companies because they know most of them cannot afford to invest the time or money to keep up with cyber security. I have shared with other primes what we have invested in and they are very excited to hear what we have accomplished. This has certainly opened up more opportunities for our company.” — Mr. Thomas M. Crowley, President

APC Paper Group

Hitting Safety Standards Key to Keeping Paper Company Clients

Results included:
Retention of APC’s largest client for $7.7 Million in retained sales
$2.9 Million in new investments
Confirmation of their right to advertise compliance to label their materials with “80% recycled material”

“APC needed to ensure that it was compliant with FSMA Standards and its Environmental Marketing representations. Kate Chepeleff of CITEC has been instrumental in helping APC meet these high standards and representations. Her work with our staff has brought us to a new level. ” — Tom Moore, President

Durez Logo

Resin Manufacturer Leverages Western NY MEP Expertise to Reduce Hazardous Waste

Success Story Powered By Western NY MEP Center: InSyte Consulting

Results Include:

  • Reduction of over 100,000 gallons of contaminated water
  • Over $100,000 reduction in regulatory fees related to hazardous materials
  • Less than 1-year payback for the investment

“The team was great to work with. They used a cross-functional approach to help identify the areas in which they could provide the biggest impact. The knowledge and experience of the team was instrumental in developing a solution that was both practical and cost efficient.”

Barbara Pilmore, Plant Manager