NY Manufacturing Extension Partnership


GTI Fabrication

GTI Fabrication Gets Lean to Grow Smartly

Results include:
Reduction in required storage providing 15% more productive floor space
10% labor hour reduction due to a need for less reworking

“Working with Insyte has been an incredible experience that had an immense impact on the operations of our company. The experience and knowledge of the consultant was a huge factor for the success of our project. We plan to continue to work with Insyte on various projects to take our company to the next level. ”
— Rich Stapleton, Owner

Crowley Fabricating & Machining Co.

Manufacturer Keeps Ahead with Cybersecurity Compliance

Results included:
$1-2 million in increased or retained sales
5 jobs created and 35 retained
$75,000 in new investment

“The grant that AM&T initiated with AIM has made it possible to achieve our customers’ requirements as a supplier and continue to do business with them. This service is very important in helping small companies stay competitive and to grow. Our competitors are going after the small companies because they know most of them cannot afford to invest the time or money to keep up with cyber security. I have shared with other primes what we have invested in and they are very excited to hear what we have accomplished. This has certainly opened up more opportunities for our company.” — Mr. Thomas M. Crowley, President

APC Paper Group

Hitting Safety Standards Key to Keeping Paper Company Clients

Results included:
Retention of APC’s largest client for $7.7 Million in retained sales
$2.9 Million in new investments
Confirmation of their right to advertise compliance to label their materials with “80% recycled material”

“APC needed to ensure that it was compliant with FSMA Standards and its Environmental Marketing representations. Kate Chepeleff of CITEC has been instrumental in helping APC meet these high standards and representations. Her work with our staff has brought us to a new level. ” — Tom Moore, President

Golden Artist Colors Implements Lean Manufacturing with NY MEP

Success Story Powered By NY Southern Tier MEP Center: Alliance for Manufacturing and Technology (AM&T)

Results Include:

  • 33 jobs created and 14 internal promotions
  • $40,000 investment in new equipment
  • 50% reduction in cost per piece in the targeted cell

“The training and support that was provided to Golden Artist Colors by AM&T was perfect.  During the very first site visit I gained the confidence that they really cared about providing us with a proposal that was going to meet our needs. The project manager/trainer provided us with the tools, resources and understanding of Lean with a model that keeps focus on sustaining our efforts and the continued development of our program. Three years into our program we continue to learn and engage our employee owners along the way and continue to reduce costs and increase throughput. We have been provided with the building blocks to have a sustainable Continuous Improvement program and value the relationship that we have established with AM&T.”

Matt Asma, Training and Development Specialist

Reimann & Georger Corporation

Success Story Powered By Western NY MEP Center: Insyte Consulting

  • $1.2 million in annual sales growth for marine products.
  • $600,000 in retained sales among current accounts.
  • $250,000 annual cost savings for inventory related expenses.
  • Foundation for continuous improvement, e.g. Kan Ban, for marine products.
  • Methodology to expand practices into two other major product lines.

“The project refocused the organization on the importance of inventory control and inventory processing. These improvements have been very sustainable as the business continues to grow while inventory turns continue to increase.”

Pat Greeley, CFO

Vara Corporation

Success Story powered by NY MEP Center(s): CEG and FuzeHub

  • $170,000 in cost savings (includes $50,000 Fuzehub grant)
  • $65,000 in increased or retained sales
  • $750,000 in new private equity investment
  • 4 created or retained jobs

“As a growing business, Vara Safety’s progress was accelerated through the key support of the regional organizations in Upstate New York including the Center for Economic Growth, FuzeHub, Workforce Development Initiative, and Upstate Venture Connect.”

Timmy Oh, CEO

Dunn Paper

Success Story powered by North Country NY MEP Center: CITEC

  • $500,000 in cost savings annually
  • $200,000 in improved productivity annually
  • Spring andd fall run-off conditions in the river were eliminated

“There were a lot of moving parts to this project, and solutions did not present themselves easily. CITEC’s business advisor helped to break the project into pieces so we could accomplish what we needed to do. CITEC’s deep network offered us resources to research different alternatives, and also found us additional funding sources.”

Matt Hartle, Maintenance Manager

Powerflow, inc.

Success Story powered by Western NY MEP Center: Insyte Consulting

  • Achieved certification with zero major or minor non-conformances.
  • Retained automotive business which is 100% of manufactured product.
  • Simplified the quality management system.

“With Insyte’s guidance hands-on support the IATF certification process progressed quickly and smoothly. We were able to address concerns and meet our planned re-certification date.”

Sean Gallagher, General Manager

Caraway Tea Company

Success Story powered by Hudson Valley MEP Center: MTEC

  • $500,000 in increased sales
  • $3.5 million in retained sales
  • 1 job created
  • 20 retained jobs
  • cost savings through reduced inventory

“Working with MTEC has been fantastic. They have helped us streamline our process efficiencies and improve our bottom line. I would recommend them and look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Michael Caraway, Owner


Success Story powered by Southern Tier MEP Center: AM&T

  • 15 new jobs and 55 retained jobs
  • 170,000 invest in new process development and equipment in 2019
  • expect increased sales of 25%
  • More successful customer development and improved customer retention
  • expected total impact of $32.7 million

“Through AM&T’s efforts FourSquare/TRE was able to develop and implement an effective ISO 9001 quality management system, under an aggressive schedule, which produced significant improvements in our product yields and provided access to increased numbers of customers. They were also helpful in providing access to financial resources necessary to acquire funding to support the development of the process and its full implementation.”

Rick Haddock, President